Tile and Grout Cleaning

Magical Clean are fully IICRC Certified and Trained

Are you frustrated from trying to keep your tiles, grout and natural stone clean?

Do you want a your Floors or walls cleaned but without the harmful fumes that come with using harsh bleaches and acid cleaners?  Now you can have sparkling tiles and grout without compromising the health of your Family or pets and Staff. Magical Clean can remove most stains, mildew and contaminants using one of there unique Machines such as Hyroforce SX12 or SX7 , Polivac Floor Scrubber or our Duplex Floor Scrubbing Machine as well as Using low vapor cleaning products and high pressure water and Vacuum this means no mess or Chemical residues will be left behind.

Tough but Gentle!

Magical Cleans equipment cleans by using high pressure water and vacuum to remove deep down dirt that can be trapped in the grout lines or on the surface of the tiles. we can also use our  twin Brushe Scrubbing system for scrubbing the dirt and grime Away. Using the above Methods to clean  means your tiles won’t be etched, or your grout weakened, leaving them susceptible to costly damage and re-soiling. This cleaning method is also perfect for wall tiles ,exterior tiles, pavers and concrete driveways.
We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents where Possible which are safe for your tiles and grout and have virtually no fumes, This means you can be back into your home the same day even within a couple of hours! Or We can Clean your Office After Hours and you will not need any down time at all this allowing your business to continue its day to day operations, So not only are your tiles and grout fresh and clean – so is the air you breathe in your home Or Office.

 Step by Step

1. Pre-inspection to determine any potential problems and communicated to you so that you have
an accurate idea of what to expect.
2. Natural cleaning agents are applied. (we may need to at times use stronger Chemical Agents)
3. Agitation of cleaning agents with a rotary scrubber and hand tools for superior clean.
4. Special air movers provide faster drying for minimum disruption to your business.