Carpet Cleaning

Magical Carpet Cleaning brings fresh life back to your carpet.  we use Hot Water Extraction Process also known as Steam Cleaning. Magical Clean also use Rotary Extraction This State  sets us apart from other carpet cleaning companies, our rotary T-rex extraction wand, which cleans at 900 PASSES per minute, COMPARED to the 2 PASSES you get with a normal wand. Our cleaning/drying time is faster than traditional methods ,satisfaction guaranteed. Magical Clean specializes in carpet Cleaning , Stain removal , Tile and Gout Cleaning  And pressure washing.

Magical Clean really cares and wants to satisfy every customer we serve. The Above process ensures deep, safe and quick cleaning. We also offer Pre agitation using our polivac to insure that the pre Spray is worked Deeper into the Carpet enabling it to Clean deeper during the hot water extraction Process, also known as steam cleaning giving a better clean.  This process is very efficient to remove allergens, stains and mold that may be hidden in the carpet.
“Our carpet cleaning process – is a better way to eliminate dust, stains and spots”
Our Staff are fully trained and IICRC Certified .

we first  spray a specially formulated solution into the carpet  with a high pressure sprayer. This process  helps loosen embedded dirt and staining,  Then we carry out hot water extraction to remove deep down dirt and any previous cleaning solution residue that may have been left behind, during this process we use a specially formulated fiber rinse, this is to ensure that no sticky residue is left behind, every carpet cleaned is pH balanced and faster drying times. Our process leaves a healthier, cleaner and softer carpet than you imagined. We also specialise in  stain and pet odour Removal.
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